Finding Hope - Short Story

Reginald and Amanda are the perfect couple in Paradise Cove. Amanda is a-typical; popular and rich. A daddy’s girl who gets everything she wants. Reginald is not only equally popular, he’s perfect in every way. All the girls swoon over his surfer boy, blonde, disheveled hair, sea blue eyes, golden tan, athletic body, and especially his cherry red, vintage 1967 ragtop Corvette. Their world is perfect in everyone’s eyes, right down to their recent wedding announcement at the Marina Bay Country Club.

Nevertheless, with all perfect things, there are threats. Things money could easily solve. After all, in Reginald’s and Amanda’s world, money solves everything, right? It can make any problem go away, right? Unless…it’s someone money can’t buy. Someone who has proof about a missing girl last seen riding in a vintage red Corvette. The police of Paradise Cove ignore Lana’s attempts to help solve her best friend’s disappearance. Lana knows what she saw. With or without their help, she will face whatever danger arises, to find her friend.

Time is ticking away. Will Lana be able to find her best friend in time?

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